My pet passed away, what do I do now?


Please see the Next Steps tab above for a guide.

What do I do if my pet passes away after hours?

Please see this list of hospitals that we work with who will be able to keep your pet. If you choose to wait until your vet opens, please keep your pet in a space that is below 32 degrees.

What if I am unable to lift/move my pet to the vet?

Eastern Carolina Pet Cremation is able to come help move your pet if you are unable to at an additional cost. Please inform your vet or emergency vet if you are in need of this service, as they will contact Ginny.

Does Eastern Carolina Pet Cremation only cremate cats and dogs?

Eastern Carolina Pet Cremation cremates any animal up to 350 pounds.

How large or small can my pet be?

Your pet can be up to 350 pounds, there is no minimum weight requirement.

How long will it take to return my pet’s ashes?

Please allow 2-3 business days. Your vet will inform if it will take longer then average due to any circumstance.

Am I getting back my pet’s ashes only?

Yes, we specialize in truly individual cremations, which includes individual chambers, special brushes, a vacuum (to ensure all ashes are collected) and each tray is hand washed before and after each individual cremation. A different machine is used for individual and communal cremations.

After a communal cremation where are my pet’s ashes spread?

Your pet’s ashes will not be returned but will be carefully spread out on the beautiful farm where ECPC is located.

Are there other urn options?
  • No, pets are returned in a solid oak urn (see here). If you have already purchased an urn for your pet Eastern Carolina Pet Cremation will be able to use the urn you already have. First notify your vet that you will be using a different urn so that they can contact Eastern Carolina Pet Cremation. Urns can include necklaces, key chains, etc.
  • As example, Eastern Carolina Pet Cremation can place your pet’s ashes in the urn as well as necklace/keychain at no extra cost. If you supply your own urn the price does not change.
Where can I get my brass plate engraved?

Most local jewelers offer an engraving service as well as trophy shops.

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